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Photo Dec 27 2022, 5 10 34 PM (1).jpg

American Elton invites fans to experience the magic of Elton John's music and the visual spectacle of his amazing costumes.

Photo Aug 28 2023, 3 03 02 PM.png

Each costume worn by American Elton is a masterpiece of detail and dedication, crafted to replicate the iconic style that Elton John is known for

Photo Dec 30 2022, 1 13 05 PM.jpg

American Elton's tribute to Elton John is a full sensory experience, with costumes playing a starring role.

Photo Feb 19 2024, 12 25 26 PM (1).jpg
Photo Dec 30 2022, 1 15 08 PM.jpg

These fantastical outfits are more than mere clothing; they're a bridge to the past, reviving the visual extravaganza that is synonymous with Elton John's legendary concerts.

Photo Feb 19 2024, 12 25 26 PM.jpg

From sequined jackets to feathered boas, every piece is meticulously designed to

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